About Upperclassic

The name Upperclassic represents our passion for the classical music of the highest class. The vision and the commitment of our agency is to cherish and to cultivate tradition and consistency, but still to give enough room for new forms and interpretations. Upperclassic is:

  • Career development supporter and promoter of the talented international musicians
  • Network platform to connect artists, music promoters and business
  • Creative partner for music promoters and culture institutions

"Music is a world within itself, with the language we all understand"
Stevie Wonder

About Olga Wölfl

After her graduation from the Moscow State University and exchange study in Japan, Olga Wölfl moved to Vienna in 2000 and chosen it as her new home town. The combination of 15 years’ professional experience in sales, marketing & customer relations, musical background and knowledge of five foreign languages leaded her to the foundation of Artist Agency Upperclassic in October 2015. Besides music her biggest passion belongs to the people – in particular, artists, whom she would like to link, to promote and to support in their professional development.